Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun facts to know and tell ...

1. Yes, contrary to all I felt to be true, one CAN "come back" from a four month crash.
2. WPI DID win $100,000.00 to further ME research.
3. My A1C is 5.4 ... this is very, very good news.
4. Despite the fact that I am NOT a nurse, I can "hook up" to my own IV quite easily now. Yes, six weeks of daily saline has done wonders. WONDERS.

I've not forgotten NJ but my heart and soul are in NY right now. An earthquake, a hurricane, and most recently a tornado.


Fun convos with the August birthday girl, my mom, during the recent weather(yes, we both had phone service.)

Me: Hi, Mom!
Me: It's your daughter (I'm her only daughter, btw, and her only child on this continent.)
Mom: WHO?
Me: MOM, it's Ruth. You remember me. I'm the PITA to shop with.
Mom: Ruth ELLEN! (As in opposed to her other daughters named Ruth?)
Me: Yes. How are the tremors?
Mom: Ruth Ellen, I am 84 years old. OF COURSE I HAVE TREMORS!
Me: Mom, you're in the middle of an earthquake.
Mom: Is THAT why the pictures are crooked?
Me: Probably.
Mom: Well, I'm in my blue chair and I have three gallons of wine on the porch.
Me: Got snacks?
Mom: Yes. Thanks for calling, dear.


Me: Hi Mom!
Mom: Sarah?
Me: Do I SOUND like I'm calling from the Philippines? Is my midwest accent THAT bad?
Mom: RUTH! Why are you calling now?
Me: Hurricane Irene is heading your way. Got supplies?
Mom: I have wine and snacks.
Me: Mom, do you have any gallons of water saved? Batteries? Flashlights?
Mom: WHY? If it gets dark I'll just go to bed.
Me: Why don't you fill up the bathtub with water.
Mom: And soak in my own FILTH? I could NEVER understand what you see in that. Disgusting. Soaking in your own filth.
Me: Mom, it would be a water supply. All you have to do is fill the tub.
Mom: WHY!?! Drink your own bath water? RUTH ELLEN!! Were you raised in a BARN?
Me: Well, you raised me. You tell me.
Mom: Thanks for being concerned, dear. Really, it's very sweet of you but I won't be drinking my bathwater. Goodbye!

She's fine, btw. Nothing's gonna take her out.


  1. Ruth, I am really happy that the IVs helped and that you are "coming back"!


  2. That was hysterical! I love your mom.

  3. Oh my goodness...hilarious. your mom is a hoot

  4. I have no idea how many followers you have (meant to have fewer than 200), but I really like your blog, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award.


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