Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Know You're a Bad Ass Lyme Warrior If ....

1. Your day revolves around healing and you're good with that.
2. You no longer compare yourself with who you "used to be" and know that who you ARE, is real.
3. You not only know to swallow capsules differently than pills but you can down handfuls at a time.
4. You "rock the detox!"
5. "Cheating" means having had anything processed, anything with sugar, or with white flour.
6. You can walk into a restaurant and tell them what you need to eat w/out feeling like a PITA.
7. You sell everything you own to afford treatment and delight in the fact that your closet is REALLY clean. You don't even MISS television.
8. You realize your body is acting like a two year old's and you don't "scold" it for being sick. You take care of it.
9. Doctors tell you, "You have a HIGH pain tolerance" and you think, "Pffffft, you ain't seen NUTTIN' yet!"
10. You stop mourning what you lost and are thankful for what you've gained:
- A recognition of what loyalty is.
- A new definition of a true friend.
- An increased sense of personal strength.
- A richer spiritual life.
- The removal of all toxic people w/out a SHRED of guilt.
- Learning to laugh at yourself. Really laugh.
- The ability to let go and move on, truly knowing life has more in store for you than anything left behind.
- Not only having the time to "stop and smell the roses, but doing so; being amazed by the universe and things "everyday people" take for granted.


  1. How does one swallow differently? I know only one way. Yes I agree our "cheats" are still better that a lot of people eat most of the time! : )

  2. Capsules float. If you tuck your chin towards your chest and take a drink of water the pills float to the top and down your throat!

    Pills don't float. Take a drink of water, tip your head waaaay back and swallow.

    Then drink another glass! :)

    1. Ok, so this makes it easier then? Thanks!

      p.s. you know you are NOT a warrior when you choose anonymous commenting because you're not feeling well enough to log in ; )

  3. How you feel physically has nothing to do with being a Warrior. You had a question and you asked it so you can take better care of yourself. You're being proactive w/your health. THAT makes you a Warrior ... please don't ever doubt that.

  4. I just had the worst Pill Stomach last night! Oweeeee!!! i had some food first and THEN took the capsules (wrong order), and they sat in a little spot somewhere and burned a hole. Had to drink quarts of water, eat some yogurt, and eat a lara bar to make the pills dislodge and the pain ease up. This is incompatible with weight loss! Guilt feelings on top of burning stomach. Blergh.

  5. Yeah ... there's nothing like a "back up" of pills to cause distress on multiple levels!