Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Dressing My Truth Does Not Involve DYT Recommended T4 Colors: Quasi Redux

First of all, I can't even believe how many "hits" my DYT post got. I mean, really, I'm dying on the vine over here, people.

But as I've languished for the last few years and lost most of what was once mine, I've had lot a of opportunity to think through, and more fully process information I may have at one time espoused.

Here's the deal. I am very, very thankful for DYT and very, very thankful for learning that I am a T4. And whew ... am I EVER. That's called "Energy Profiling" and Carol Tuttle communicates that brilliantly. But where I "fell down" is believing that my best look involved the colors associated with it. What to do, what to do. First off, sell of all items I KNOW make me look like death warmed over (goodbye, ORANGE) and usher in the colors that work for me.

Just that easy, just that quick.

I think Energy Profiling is brilliant and every single human being should have this in their "tool box" of self awareness tools as well as communication. I raised three T4s and a T2. The Entrepreneur wasn't called "Mr. Sensitive" for nothing. His "just the facts, Jack" brothers were undeniable. All felt like strangers in a strange land. All are T4s. I wish every single teacher on the face of the EARTH had to read about varying personality types and associated learning styles. IF education is about the student (yes, I'm still that idealistic) then how much easier would it be to KNOW what techniques to try to best help a child achieve their potential?

But I wax philosophical ... which is one of the reasons I was drawn to DYT years ago. It's not about "being pretty." It's about knowing oneself and being one's best self. BUT. Correlation does not imply causation. YUP. This means don't pin me down and I am my own authority. I'll do my research, listen to those I respect, and take everything under advisement so I can PROCESS. VERY T4. Color does not fit into that equation anywhere. I LOVE Energy Profile and am so grateful to have that self awareness. But color? Color does not equate to an EP type, an MBTI type, or any other personality profile.

Yup. I dress my truth and live my truth ... which is much more important to me anyways.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    I'm new here and have been exploring DYT over the past year. I related to the type 3 from the start but as I started wearing the darkened colors I found they drained my face of all light - so that part didn't work. As a type 4, what colors are you going with now? Have you continued with the style and clothing line suggestions for type 4? Would you be willing to expound more on what you've kept and what you've discarded in your thinking?
    I too have gained tremendously from the energy profiling aspect.
    Enjoy your writing style,

  2. Hi Anita,

    Thank you for the compliment!

    Long ago I was draped in another system and have gone back to wearing those colors. I tend to stick with very simple lines ... I wear a lot of black and white with occasional bold colors as accents (but no DYT T4 colors ... they're too harsh on me.)

    I just don't equate energy type with one's best colors. I know plenty of T4s who are "Summers" or "Autumns" in other systems. I like picking and choosing what works best for me.

    Not that I need to give you permission to do the same, but please wear what pleases you!! You may very well be a T3 who doesn't look her best in DYT T3 approved colors! Be your own best you!