Monday, April 6, 2015

Stella Luna

After I remembered how to get into my blog yesterday I was truly surprised it had been soooo long since I've written, as I write in my head all day long.

An astounding amount has happened both in my "real" life as well as in my Lyme life, and as I haven't been able to separate the two when blogging, I suppose that's just meant to be. That Lyme is just another part of my life.

So is Stella Luna.

Stella Luna is a maltipoo puppy/preschooler. It's lonely living alone when one cannot work and is disabled. REALLY lonely. Even those who purport to "get it" really don't, and grateful as I am for any help tossed my way, there were times I went days w/out talking to anyone. This is not healthy ... even for the healthy. I've always loved dogs, and having had to rehome my favorite cat, Larry due to his own Bartonella, I was super lonely.

It was ok during the summer when I was able to get out and attend to my raised beds (need to write post about gardening,) or ride shotgun in a trip through Michigan's UP (need to write post about THAT,) and absolutely ok when I was host to my son and family for ten days in August. But winter? Another winter alone? Meh.

Update: much updating needed. Just remembered how to log in. Huge update to follow but not this week. Crazy end of two major issues and behold ... new doors are opening.

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