Friday, April 29, 2011

Pleasantville Lives On!

Just a quick update ... my chronic living has been mostly w/in the confines of my room, and has not included writing.

I did want to mention, before I hopscotch from preschool in NJ to other things, that on Facebook I "ran into" a woman who grew up on the same street as I did in Pleasantville, NY. No, I do not know her nor did I ... she is a good 13 years younger than I am and I was out of NJ and on to upstate NY by the time she arrived.

HOWEVER, her mother still lives in Gretchen's house almost across the street from 'my' house! I can't picture Gretchen or any of her family but it was thanks to Gretchen's (German) father that I fell in love with VW's. This Car I can see AND HEAR in my head and Mr. Gretchen downshifted down the hill. It was, and is, a small car love story that exists to this day.

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