Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Detox Bath

So I'm sailing along a little wobbly but quasi merrily on my way to healing. Antibiotics? Check. More antibiotics? Check. Third antibiotic on deck? Check. TONS of probiotics? Check. Supplements. Yup. Food plan in order? Yup. Detoxing? Ok ... I'm a little iffy on this one given that I have the dreaded "I don't detox gene." But I do my best to eliminate in every natural way possible. This includes (cue the dramatic music) THE DETOX BATH.

Let me just say that I LOVE baths. Love. Love. Love. For years the bathtub has been my BFF, my solace, my companion, my pause that refreshes. Even after getting sick I loved them. They relax me, dim the pain, and soothe the soul. Well, not anymore!! Although I've been putting Epsom salts and lavender in the tub for years I have NEVER "detoxed" in one.

What fresh level of hell is THIS, you ask? The addition of two cups of innocent apple cider vinegar, dry brushing, and making sure the bath is REALLY hot. Not Joan of Arc burn-yourself-alive hot, but HOT. And I Sweat. Not perspire. Not get a little moist, and CERTAINLY not "glow." I sweat like a pig. This delights me actually, as generally speaking, I DON'T sweat. So as it's running down my face or into my eyes I imagine toxins leaving my body and writhing to death in hot acidic water. Burn, baby, burn. Take THAT suckas!

For about 15 minutes and then I've had enough. But I bribe myself into marinating for about a hour by watching reruns of "Law and Order Special Victims Unit" on Netflix. When the show is over (thank goodness it's commercial free and therefore NOT an hour long) I drain that water, shower off, and shovel my limp body into bed. This has been working fairly well since I began my new protocol on March 20th and this is April 2nd (ok, 3rdish) so I'm two weeks in.

According to my LLMD, sweat contains 3x the toxins of urine which is why exercise is vitally important in any Lyme protocol. Except I really shouldn't elevate my heart rate (POTS) and I really, REALLY shouldn't elevate my heart rate when I'm herxing. Yet detox is most important while herxing. (Is anyone GETTING this? Because I don't.) Remember, a herx is the body's reaction to those little buggers dying off and wreaking uncomfortable havoc in one's bloodstream. Symptoms of a herx include but are not limited to headaches, nausea, vomiting, itching, rashes, joint pain, SERIOUS pain, dizziness, lack of appetite, extreme exhaustion ... and the list goes on. And on. And on. Pretty much anything goes; a veritable Hotel California of possibilities. (Be sure and pay attention to this clever segue.) While recently in CA visiting The Drummer, The Designer, and The Adorable Grandson we went to "Cafe Gratitude" in Venice Beach. Everything on the menu starts with "I Am" and the name of the entree is a positive affirmation. I couldn't quite get out the words, "I Am Blissful" so I just pointed at the menu, although when The Drummer ordered and the waiter repeated, "You are Awesome" he responded with, "I certainly am." I had to resist the maternal urge to gently kick him under the table.

But I digress.

Today's herx was mild by veteran's standards so I tried to minimize it. So what if I had a headache or that tilt-a-whirl feeling from time to time. What's a little nausea among friends, really? There was no puking involved, just the wish to maybe get off the boat for awhile. In fact, it was not totally unlike sea sickness which while uncomfortable, only makes one WISH that they would die. It doesn't kill anyone and eventually goes away. Same with herxes. I've got this goofy metallic taste in my mouth that will not quit and I can only assume is med related.


Gee, time flies when one's detoxing ... here it is the 16th!!

You'll all be glad to know I've added in the third drug (that's a $568 copay every four weeks) and that metallic taste is gone from my mouth. Apparently I was killing me some bugs.

I accidentally experimented w/my detox bath last night and forgot to dry brush. HUGE difference and I just wasn't getting the sweat I was looking for. But tonight's a new night and a new chance to let it all out.

My nausea ginger gum has arrived.

I've finished two weeks of my supplements and can now make that "delicious" shake in no time flat and actually not hate it.

Yeah. I'll take an "I Am A Lyme Warrior" with a side of "Awesomeness" and a sweat band, please. And I can now say that proudly out loud.


  1. Congrats. You are on the right track. This YouTube channel I think you would like for keeping the Sabbath. http://www.youtube.com/user/aroodawakening?feature=g-user-u

  2. Thank you, I think I am on the right track as well. I'm pretty sure G-d understands my situation in life ... thank you for the link.