Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday -

I went to bed all excited about the possibilities of blogging and then had to remind myself of what each and every one of my sons has said about it. It's egocentric, narcissistic, and just generally speaking annoying. And just so "white." Besides it's not even original any more. All good points, I thought ... and then decided, I'll blog anyways.

I tried to think of how once goes about introducing their life ... when the key players in it are real people with personal lives. And, as people and lives go, some are more personal than others! My thoughts turned to Evie, someone who will not mind having her name mentioned. Evie is the, well ... Evie is Evie. She grew up w/my birthfamily and now is a writer in Katonah, NY, not far from the scenes of many of the "crimes" in my life. But I don't want to talk about those. I just want to introduce the players. Were I writing a NOVEL I could thinly disguise their characters w/just a few slight twists every now and then .. but I love most of the "players" (so to speak) and so will protect those who I KNOW will wish to have their identities protected.

Here they are, definitely NOT listed in order of importance

The Professor - the ex. Married to me for 20 years, divorced for 12 and remarried to the Jette.
The Sons:
#1 - The Alpha, married to the truly amazing DIL and happily ensconced in an up and coming life in a big city
#2 - Mr. Music/a musician from birth and now merrily pursuing the hip life on the west coast
#3 - Mr. Sensitive (who will hate this moniker) and is spinning his web as a junior at a university. He dates The Dane (whom I love and knocks some truth into all of us.)
#4 - The Baby/A man child with the confidence of say .. a benevolent dictator, a sophomore at a university.
My mother and father
The brother - Stoner
The bio sibs:
The Good Doctor - married to The Nurse (whom I've never really gotten to know as well as I'd have liked.)
The Jersey Siblings
The dog - Olive
The cat - Larry

Really ... my once upon a time life filled with other people is pretty much gone, so I guess that just about wraps up the characters. Oh, there are personal friends and the occasional boyfriend every now and then, but as they are few and far between, they scarcely necessitate mention.

SO ... here we go.

Mr. Sensitive is in town for the weekend ... needing to renew his license and to pick up some remnants from the apartment of The Professor's recently deceased mother. After very little sleep this week I decided to "buck up" for the weekend and just returned from lunch. We ate, talked, laughed, and I was repeatedly reminded of how he wishes The Baby was with us so they could mock me. Mothers love this in sons. The mocking and all ... I remind him that I am his MOTHER and he reminds me that YES he knows this. I laugh uneasily and subtly drop the fact that should I need caretaking, his name is on the docket. He knows this and tells me I need not tell AGAIN of my dislike for the smell of urine.

I write this from the couch and my most amazing laptop. One of the two disability presents I bought for myself when I naively thought the system would do what it says it will.

NUMBER ONE RULE OF BEING DISABLED: Do not believe people in ANY "system." Really. They lie. Not behind your back, but boldly to your weak, emaciated face. And speak is soothing, sympathetic tones and they smile. Do not be deceived. They don't care, they really, really don't. They need their job just as much as you need the benefits. And when push comes to shove, it's the disabled person on the ground. Remember that.

WAIT. Another group of characters come to mind, two in fact ...
The Moldies - all disabled by, goodness gracious, toxic black mold.
CFS Crew - my friends also disabled by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, many of them also Moldies.

I'm tired now. Mr. Sensitive is out picking up a cell phone for his former (now hospitalized boss) and The Baby is still at work. Within an hour both will be home and I will get up again and eat.

Until tomorrow ...

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