Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday ...

Ahhh, the joys of college aged sons! The three of us cleaned out Mr. Sensitive's room and now he and The Baby and depositing things in appropriate places. It feels SOOO good to have the third floor ready to go. Of course I mostly delegated, but will admit to unscrewing the cover off the vacuum so Mr. Sensitive could change the fan belt. Fan belt? Is that just a car thing? But it was a belt of some description.

I slept for almost 12 hours last night. Not sleep sleep ... but that twilight stuff I've come to know as sleep during the past two years. Take the sleep med, sleep two hours ... wake up and take OTC stuff, sleep for a few more hours on and off, on and off for a total of about 12.

We ate breakfast together and I was cranky. Having no income it makes it harder to feel good about spending money at ALL ... even on "together time." I've always been a very frugal person but when the kids are together I do whatever I feel I need to do to provide fun quality time ... and for us that means eating out. So we always have when we're together .... but now? I had a cup of coffee for breakfast. It was weird .. I tried to be all cavalier about it, but neither of them bought it.

It's almost fall like outside and both younger sons are anxious for the college lives to start again. It's enchanting seeing ones sons grow up ... take Russian, economics and talk about "important things." Things that adults no longer have the luxury of ... politics, not just US stuff but foreign policy, styles of government, what the Constitution REALLY says. Good stuff. Of course, there're clothing decisions to me made each year. Eurotrash or J Crew?

Sitting here with Mr. Sensitive watching a movie and commenting that it both smells and feels like fall. We took a drive and passed a field of ripening apples .. made all of us nostalgic.

Off to bed.

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