Saturday, February 26, 2011

NOT the clothing post -

I know I said I'd write about living as a T4 (bold and stunning) but after a nightmare of shockwave lithotripsy on Wednesday I can only say I'm sporting the same LL Bean nightshirt I've been wearing variations of for years.

Really. Men's nightshirt ... good for nursing, snuggling a child, and just plain old cozy. I bet I'm on my fifth one. So that's my clothing bit for the day. I tend to find what works for me and stick with it. Very T4. (Note how I worked that in!)

On to the main event. Surgery. No big deal. I like my doctor well enough but I don't think he's REALLY going after the right course of action for my overall condition. Surgery went well enough and on Wednesday I was happily peeing silt ... sure that the badness was COMING OUT.

Until Thursday. A dear friend brought me lunch and w/in 20 minutes the pain and projectile vomiting began. Thus began the round of phone calls (also known as *I* don't want to deal w/her YOU do it!) The hospital said to call the doctor. The doctor said to go to the hospital. Between the pain, anger, and projectile vomiting I was NOT a happy camper. I get to the ER where they promptly attempt to load me up with a medication I am ALLERGIC to despite wearing THEIR bright orange wrist band as an alert. Really? Really? Does ANYONE pay attention to all their self devised safety measures? Is it REALLY up to the patient writhing in pain soaked with vomit? Apparently so. This is where being a T4 comes in handy. We don't get showy angry. We deep freeze. NO, you may not give me that. NO, I don't care if I'm not following medical advice. NO. NO. NO. You do it and you do it RIGHT. I don't care if it takes longer. I don't care if you label me as difficult.

Dr. Jerk, who I've seen before in the ER sends me for an X-ray. There are three stones in my urethra. Great. How big are they? He doesn't know. How can he not know? Did he go to medical school? Does he have its image on the screen and a handy cm measuring device? One would hope so. Will I be able to PASS THEM? He's not sure. Wait. WHY am I here? Maybe it would have been better to vomit at HOME. It certainly is a lot cheaper.

Today I am peeing merlot. That's apparently normal. Yeah, whatever. I am so sick of pain meds I could scream ... but if I don't take them I scream anyway.

Ugh. Larry James (lovely cat) is just so thankful mommy is in bed for days. I guess I'll be forgiven for a lot of Kitty Boy transgressions.

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