Friday, February 18, 2011

How did it turn into February?

It's been six months since I've "blogged" and although I'm still not a fan, I am determined not to let my life go unnoticed. I've changed the name of my blog from "Slipping Through the Cracks" to "Chronically Living." WHY? Because I'm living and have every intention of squeezing every drop out of life that I can get.

MAJOR changes since October.

1. Dumped by the man I THOUGHT was the love of my life. Yeah. Really. Bad news? It hurt like hell. Good news? I now know what love ISN'T! The even better news is that I think I know what love IS. Just like Mr. All Wrong said ... it's about consideration and consistency. (Sometimes Mr. All Wrong said Right Things.)

2. The house has SOLD. Yes, after 13 years of divorce the "family home" now houses another family. I prayed for years for the RIGHT family to purchase my lovely 1911 Craftsman bungalow ... and they were busy growing up, getting graduate degrees, and making babies. They are now happily snuggled in and the place looks wonderful. Full of life, laughter, and love. Really. It sounds so cliche' but every time I have to pick up mail I leave w/a smile on my face.

3. I am living in an APARTMENT. As in an apartment COMPLEX. This has turned out to be a much greater experience than I had imagined. I thought my cat, Larry, and I would move in, paint a few walls, and call it a year. Nope. We learned apartment etiquette (which involved NOT saying "hi" to your neighbors every time you see them ... too invasive.) We've learned the difference between a vole and a mole and find voles to be more adventurous as well as more amusing.

4. This spring I am BUILDING a house on a lovely 2.5 acres in the country. I just drove out there this morning to see it in all its muddy glory. I drove in (no driveway) and promptly got stuck in the mud. Spun my tires like a mad woman and finally finagled my way out of there. I admired my "off road" Honda Accord in the grocery store parking lot but am too tired to do anything about it.

Tomorrow? Dressing Your Truth. Or rather ... one of the tools God has used to help me learn who I REALLY am. Watch out, world.

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  1. Congrats on selling your home and moving forward boldly in life! I am excited to hear more about the house you are building.