Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 1 -

Inspired by Toni Bernhard's "How to Be Sick" I am going to attempt a month of "Zen Illness." Or, since it seems a little bit presumptuous to assume I'll be "down" for the next thirty days ... I'll just have a Zen Month. Today is Day One.

Today I will strive for mindfulness. Does this mean I have to pay special attention to all my various symptoms? I think not. I think today I will be mindful of MY actions.

Currently I am dressed and yes ... in bed with my laptop. This morning I went to pick up my first "share" of Fat Blossom Farms' organic produce at the Farmer's Market. I'm no longer a fan of hustle and bustle OR crowds so am thankful that there was very little of either. I was able to quasi quickly find the stand, get my week's share, and purchase three peonies white peonies. Peonies are one of the plants I miss MOST from home. In fact, any home in which I've lived had white peonies. Martling Avenue. Greenbrook Road. ElDorado Drive. 14th St. 11th St. But not now. Not this apt.

I thankful for this time in my tiny apartment as one "life" is wrapped up and another about to launch. I'm thankful for this time to learn what I love and what I need. Going forward, both literally and figuratively, I hope to have only those items that I need, use, and love.

All my produce was loving packed in plastic bags and is now in the fridge: garlic scapes, mustard greens, spinach, salad greens, and radishes join my asparagus. On the counter are the heirloom Sparkle strawberries I'll share with some offspring tomorrow, minus one. (Yes, one son and one strawberry. I guess I can say I ate one in his honor ... a snawberry boy, in his youth.)

I am going to attempt to tidy up a bit now and make myself some sautéed veggies!

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