Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 ... The Year of the Whimper

Let's face it, some years are better than others and some years should just be bypassed. I'm thankful to say that 2012 is over and I look forward to 2013. For the record, a quick rundown of the year. 1. Health: - Diagnosis of late stage Lyme Disease and a year of treatment. Reality: I just can't do all those ABX, darn it all. Am looking into alternatives. ALWAYS loves me those alternatives. - Diagnosis of a bunch of genetic stuff including the dreaded MTHFR gene. Of course. Reality: This is potential TREATABLE and LOTS of things may improve. 2. Personal life: - Diagnosis: Need a different place to live. Reality: I am finally in a safe place but only after six weeks of quasi homelessness. I am very thankful to have a generous family and friends. - Diagnosis: Lost everything to mold in a storage unit. Reality: Be very aware when reading contracts and extending belief in what one might consider the "integrity" of those who label themselves with spiritual words. - Diagnosis: Heartbreak. Reality: These things happen and I'm MUCH tougher than I had imagined myself to be. 3. Sons - Diagnosis: Still have four of them. Reality: Sooooo very thankful. And I am moving on ... figuratively. I am now about as "home" as I'm ever going to be. Life's good.

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