Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mid -January

NO WAIT. Only six more days until February!!!

It's official ... after a winter of non-winter, it's arrived. Since October I've been telling myself how fortunate I was that "it" hadn't hit and when it did, how it wouldn't bother me. Liar, liar, pants on fire. It bothers me. And not just a little. I Do Not Like Winter.

Yes, it's true I enjoy watching the changing landscape but now that it's all white, what's to watch?? Last weekend I DID make it out to lunch with one of my four favorite sons and took pictures of a pussy willow tree budding. I was so agog that I stopped in the middle of the street to snap some photos, much to the chagrin of my favorite almost 25 year old.

So, I've felt a whooooole lot of "chronic" lately and not so much "living." I do get regular updates on my Little Dude who is sprouting by the day, and look forward to holding him in my own arms. He reminds me so much of a "James Boy" ... not that he isn't one and I'm enthralled w/the look of paternal love on his father's face. When his mother kisses him their lips join together to form a heart ... devastatingly grandmotherly touching.

But here's the BIG news. I've got a new specialist. Yup. Heading to DC in mid-March, just two blocks shy of the White House, to see if there's something that can be done about my Lyme/mold/MTHFR "issues." I'm excited! Scared and excited. Hopeful. Scared to be hopeful. Thankful to have been referred to such a brilliant mind and compassionate human. Grateful that the timing is PERFECT. And scared to be hopeful. I hope I've made that clear.

In channelling my inner Anne LaMott I long to wax witty about the exquisite torture of hope when there appears to be none, but I've got nothing. Nothing. Just, as I may have mentioned earlier, fear of hope. Or, to be truthful, of being let down One More Time.

My new digs are energy efficient and I'm liking that although I'll admit the combination of Lyme and winter make hibernation a good thing. And I am LOVING my comfy bed ... which ultimately means I don't use a lot of light. I sleep when I can and when I can't I look out the window. Plus, the mild winter has yielded some lower than anticipated utilities bills. Oh. A big THANK YOU to all who recommended both Smart Wool and Cuddle Duds. Makes for an easy wardrobe, as both come in the go-to color, black. IN addition to that lowered utility bill. I DID turn the heat up with my brother and SIL visited and during the holidays when family popped in.

So. I'd love to insert a picture or two or maybe even LINK to something, but I don't know how.

Got any ideas?

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