Friday, February 1, 2013

Chronically Seizing

Yes, it's true, my hands spasm ... but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about "seize the day" or midafternoon, or wee hours of the morning, for us insomniacs.

After carefully crafting my phone call to a local techno son, I saw this posted on FB waaay past the time my former fourth graders, now high schools students, should be in bed. Actually, she probably WAS in bed with her laptop.

Addie, if you're reading this, I'm about to take a few liberties with our FB convo. No, I am not stalking you but you do pop up in my news feed. And yes, I'm still sorry you're the ONLY one in your family I never taught.

Addie: I'm writing my outline for Mr. Pick A Name. It's supposed to be 3 pages long.
Me: Addie?
Addie: Yeah.
Me: Do you know how to set up a blog or a webpage?
Addie: Sure!
Me: Does Issy?

(Issy is a former student and the second youngest member of this family of five amazing kids ... and two hysterically funny parents. She is every bit as stunning as I imagined she would be. T4 stunning, for you DYT fans. An INCREDIBLE person; SUCH a writer, that Issy! When I taught about an "author's voice" I could ALWAYS say, "I could pick up a typed page with no name on it, read it and say, "ISSY wrote that! WHY? Because Issy writes like Issy talks. I hear hear her VOICE whether I'm talking to her on the playground, in our room, reading her papers here at school, or at home. I hear ISSY.) I love this family; every single one of them. But I digress.

Addie: Of COURSE. (Issy "likes" this.)
Me: Do you think I could pay you guys to come help me with one? (Issy "likes" THIS!)
Addie: Ms. JAMES? What are you DOING?
Me: It's a seeeecret and you can call me Ruth.
Addie: REALLY?
Me: Really.
Addie: LOL. Really? You're like my mom's age.
Me: I'm actually several years older.
Addie. Oh. Wow. Ok. PM me. Do you know how to do that?
Me: Yes.
Addie. Ok. This will be FUN. (Addie is a T1, DYT fans.)

(About 37 comments followed about Mr. Pick A Name and the outline.)

So question solved. Do I call techno son? Nope. I PM a former student and her sister, have them over in a few weeks, and allow them to teach me the fine art of imbedding links or pictures and perhaps having a visually less boring blog. Although I've never been a fan of visual overstimulation ... even when healthy. Must be the INFJ in me. My outsides need calm because my insides are in constant "process mode."

That's the news du jour.

Yesterday's big accomplishment was changing my sheets. Today's was emptying the dishwasher. I'm a tidy sort.

So seize that day. Or hour. Or moment. And live it with all you've got.

And my hands? I'm thinking low magnesium or cold. Or Lyme. Probably all of the above.

Now I'm off to attempt to knit my first toy for a grandchild ... gone are the days of scarves, mittens, sweaters, hats for sons. Gone are the days of lace shawls for me (FUN to knit, but I'm so not a lace shawl person.) GONE are the days of knitting blankies. Hellooooo, grandchildren. Bring on the toys.

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