Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chronically WINTER

Where or where is PHIL!? Oh yeah ... back in his den for another six weeks. I haven't been to Philly for a few years and it's been decades since I lived there, but it's warmer in PA than it is in MI. If Phil were living in MI I I wouldn't recommend even bothering coming up for air. No way. No how. Son #2 was born in April and I'm telling you, he's a DADDY now and the fact it, for all his life it's been PRETTY outside but it hasn't felt even remotely like "spring is in the air" until after his birthday.

I'm lying in bed watching the weather swirl around outside where it's bitter, bitter, bitter, and yet I have a ceiling fan on me. No, not "that time of life" ... I'm looong past that, but Lyme and its coinfections have their own sweaty level of hell.

I'm actually quality multi-tasking. Listening to a podcast, typing, wondering about the podcast, and planning what do to when the podcast is done (long after I'll be done with my writing du jour.) I'm thinking of working of a grandchild's toy. Thinking of making SOMETHING warm and glorious to eat.

On an earlier foray onto Pinterest I .... Ok. This. THIS. FIVE minutes, people. I walked away for FIVE minutes and have completely lost my train of thought.

Good thing it's winter ... I'm going to blame in on that and like Phil, crawl back in my hole. Um, bed.


  1. In the middle of a PA winter here. I heard the groundhog predicted an early spring, that would be great!

  2. REALLY? MI is bleak. Bleak, I tell you, bleak! I really pumped myself up to believe that since it hadn't snowed until well ... last week that this would be no big deal.

    It is.