Monday, February 11, 2013

Dosing -

Not dozing, dosing.

HOW, I ask, does one "dose" and lead a life that even closely resembles "normal." Even the new normal to which the chronically ill must acclimate!

Although I will admit to "cheating" my my food plan from time to time I learned long ago how to eat for what my body needs (or, more importantly, DOESN'T!) But it's the meds, the supplements, the meds to counter the OTHER meds, and then the final supplements of the evening that mess me up. It would be a whoooole lot easier if I just gave up food but, alas, I can't. SOME meds need to be taken with food.

So far this is the best I can come up with.

7:30 AM
Antibiotics WITH food. Ok. No disabled person can regularly get out of bed to eat at 7:30 in the morning. At least not this one. OH. And with the food one has to sit UP for 1/2 an hour. No, slumping on one's pillows does not count.

So today I had my meds with a small handful of walnuts and a swig of water. I'm working on the sitting up part.

10:00 AM
Probiotics and supplements with MORE food. I can do an almond milk smoothie by 10:00 so I'm covered.

1:00 PM
A specific med with a little bit of food, but no dairy (so cheese sticks are out.) Nuts, anyone?

7:30 PM
Antibiotics with food. Ok, I'm a diabetic and 7:30 is too late for dinner. DINNER? Wait. I forgot to fit that in ... somewhere.

10:00 PM
Probiotics to counter the antibiotics and some other things.

So here are my questions:

1. What happens on the days I can't get up and fix meals?
2. What happens on the "good days" when I'm able to get out? Do I travel with a cooler at all times?
3. How about when I need to travel, say, to the other side of the country to see a specialist and I change time zones.
4. But MOST importantly ... what about ME!?!? What about the me that does NOT want to be a slave to my body/shell any more than it needs to be?

What. About. Me.

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