Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Where Have I Been," You Ask?

Getting my blood drawn. For days. To be fair, not days in a row, but subsequent days.

I'm so used to this it doesn't even phase me anymore. Sends the nurses into a dither every single time, but not to worry. I know which test gets what colored tube (specked top or otherwise,) what needs to be refrigerated or not, and what (do not mess with me on this) MUST go out in the mail TODAY.

Last week I met with a holistic nutritionist, one whom has been very ill and RECOVERED via a strict diet ... like 85% recovered. Like from bed/couch bound to I JUST saw a picture posted of her on FB ... dancing. Yes, dancing. So how strict IS this healing diet? Well, let's just stay that finishing up my organic Greek yogurt in my almond butter/almond milk smoothies is a TREAT I will not enjoy for a loooong time, if ever. Yeah.

So. After I cried looking at the "Good Foods List" I realized that I had to eliminate entire categories due to diabetes. "Death to Diabetes" is the best thing this Type 2 has ever met but "goodbye fruit" and "hellloooo, veggies." In a nutshell (10 walnuts or almonds, btw) I have to eliminate all grains, dairy, sugars, legumes, and fruits! This leaves me with veggies (but no nightshades,) lean meat or fish, and good oils.

BUT ... fish only twice a week (no shell fish or bottom feeders, so to speak) and meat three times a week. (I don't eat pork.) My one serving per day should be the size of my PALM and I'm a small woman. Really. Weight loss will NOT be an issue.

Of course, the above will be modified by my food allergies ... for which I get more blood drawn tomorrow. Yup. Just this morning I showed off my ALCAT trappings to a friend via FaceTime. Not sure if she was impressed.

My MTHFR SNPs from Dr. Yasko via Holistic Health are waiting for me on a disk I glare at from time to time as I shuffle past my kitchen desk area. I'm not looking at it until I get back from seeing The Drummer and family next week. No more health news until after a visit with three of my favorite people on the face of the earth and my FIRST trip to the Pacific Ocean!

Then I'm diving into new territories ... unexplored foods, creative use of spices, and a trip to a new Lyme doctor in March. OH. And my birthday. Sans cake.


  1. Quite a lot of commitment there with the diet, good luck! I think a good diet cures many ills, I just wish I was in a position to change mine.

  2. I'm excited in that "I'm doing the right thing" kind of way. I'll be emptying out my fridge on garbage night this week and there's no turning back.

    Is it possible for you to tweak your at all so that you feel you're moving forward in a positive direction?